Future oriented technology

Performance, safety and efficiency refined.

Tomkart is designed to be the safest, most durable and efficient go-kart ever made.

With state of the art software integration, it is the best solution for the rental go-kart track.

Thanks to adjustable pedals and seat it is suitable for body sizes from 130 - 195 cm.


Tomkart is available in 8 basic colors. You can combine them to your preference or ask for a custom color scheme or promotional print.

Endless possibilities with smart speed levels

For the best racing experience we introduce smart speed settings. Every driver starts as a beginner with basic speed. As he improves his lap times, system is giving him higher speed level, which is than saved in his profile. This feature makes Tomkart safe and enjoyable for all ages and driving skills.

Maximum safety on the track

Tomkart features integrated sector control setting, which ensures maximum safety on the track and efficiency of track management. Maximum speed in sectors can be set up to your preference and track character.

How smart speed levels works?

Lap time: 37.00
Lap time: 34.00
Lap time: 30.00
Lap time: 24.00
Top racer
Normal speed
Turbo boost active

Speed setting for each level, lap times and turbo boost usage fully customizable to your preference and character of your track. There are up to 10 speed levels available.

Multifunctional steering wheel

Important informations and settings directly on the steering wheel to ensure best racing experience and maximal safety.

Driver can see his live results and safety instructions on the display during the race. In case of emergency, help button notifies the race control.

Help button
Turbo boost button
Reverse button
Battery level indicator
Speed level indicator
Turbo boost charge indicator
Peak power up to 17.5 kW high torque at low RPM
Maximum speed 100km/h +
Driving time up to 30 min
Charging time less than driving time


Our monoblock fibreglass chassis reinforced with carbon fibre is elastic but stays inherently stable. A steel pipe chassis, however, will deform irreversibly after impact. The elastic Tomkart carbon chassis always comes back to its original form. Combined with plastic all-around protection and rubber buffers provides the high level of safety and low maintenance.



Brushless electric motor in combination with lithium batteries and custom BMS ensures the maximum performance at any time. With our recommended settings for rental tracks, the Tomkart reaches up to 65 km/h. A top speed of more than 100 km/h is possible with the maximal constant power output of 10 kW / 13.5 hp. The peak power of the engine is 17.5 kW / 23.5 HP.


F1 design with carbon fibre elements makes Tomkart very customer attractive. Designed and developed with Swiss precision and quality approach. Approved over years by many happy customers in our own go-kart tracks Kartbahn Spreitenbach and Tempodrom Winterthur.

Improved handling and comfort
Suitable for all ages and driving skills
Improved racing experience
Low maintenance costs

Up to 8000 charging cycles thanks to our battery management system.

A Tomkart needs, in full rental use, about 1 Ah current per minute. With full batteries, it is possible to drive up to 30 minutes. We recommend a driving time of 8 minutes, to not overtrain the customers. The charging time of the batteries is shorter than the driving time since charging can be done with higher intensity of current than driving needs.When the battery needs charging the system notifies the race manager, to do so. It also notifies the race manager how many rides are left for each go-kart. So it provides the best efficiency of charging cycles.

Technical specification

  • Monoblock fibreglass chassis reinforced with carbon fibre
  • Adjustable carbon fibre seat with safety roll bar
  • High strength all-around plastic protection
  • Rubber buffers
  • Kevlar reinforced fibreglass front console
  • Fibreglass back cover
  • LiFePo4 batteries (50V/40Ah/44kg) - maximal output power 10kW/maximal input power 6kW - up to 8000 charging cycles thanks to our battery management system.
  • 50 Volt maintenance free brushless electric motor with a performance ratio of over 94%
  • Peak performance of 17.5 kW
  • Maintenance free direct belt drive (no differential)
  • 40 mm high quality hollow rear axle
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Reinforced front stub axles
  • Reinforced adjustable pedals
  • Custom contactless hall-sensor potentiometer
Battery lifetime

Depends on various influencing factors such as the type of battery-charger or the characteristics of the kart track as well as the average driving time. On our rental kart tracks, the batteries have a lifetime of up to 8000 charging cycles. Thanks to the intelligent battery management system and in compliance with the operating instructions we are able to give a pro-rate guarantee of 5’000 nominal-cycles (10 Ah/8-10 minutes driving time).

Smart features
  • Multifunctional steering wheel with info display, controls and indicators
  • Smart speed setting
  • Automatic sector control
  • Mechanical parts : 1 year warranty.
  • Electronic parts: 2 years warranty.
  • Battery: 2 years warranty or 5000 eight minute rides. (Whichever comes first).